How to Cook Perfect Blackened Corn and Shrimp Salad

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Blackened Corn and Shrimp Salad.

Blackened Corn and Shrimp Salad You can have Blackened Corn and Shrimp Salad using 14 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Blackened Corn and Shrimp Salad

  1. It’s of sweet corn, cut off the cob.
  2. Prepare of medium sized fresh or thawed shrimp, deveined and peeled.
  3. It’s of vegetable oil.
  4. Prepare of large slicing tomatoes, cut into bite-sized pieces.
  5. You need of shallots, diced.
  6. It’s of jalapeño pepper, diced.
  7. You need of fresh basil leaves, diced.
  8. Prepare of mayonnaise, more to taste.
  9. It’s of Cojita cheese, crumbled, more for garnish.
  10. Prepare of Juice from 1 lime.
  11. It’s of chili powder or to taste.
  12. You need of smoked paprika or to taste.
  13. It’s of green onions, diced.
  14. It’s of Salt.

Blackened Corn and Shrimp Salad instructions

  1. In a large iron skillet, heat vegetable oil over high heat until shimmering..
  2. Add corn. Let sit without stirring for two minutes, until corn begins to char. Stir once and let sit for another two minutes..
  3. Add shrimp. Continue to cook, stirring once every two minutes, until shrimp is cooked through, corn has blackened bits and is beginning to pop in the pan. You want a dry pan for the corn to blacken properly– if the shrimp or corn release too much water during cooking, you can drain it off with a strainer and return the corn and shrimp to the skillet to continue charring. I find this is usually only a problem with frozen shrimp..
  4. Put corn and shrimp in a large heatproof bowl, scraping the skillet as you go so you don't lose any of those delicious blackened bits. Add in the tomatoes, shallots, jalapeño, basil, mayonnaise, Cojita cheese, lime juice, chili powder and paprika. Taste and add salt, additional lime juice, chili powder, mayo or paprika as needed..
  5. Serve with a slotted spoon into four bowls or plates. Top with green onions, additional Cojita cheese and, if desired, a sprinkle of chili powder or paprika..