How to Make Her Pleasure Absolute – Learn The Secret to Giving Her Pleasure First

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Not a lot of men know that to be able to make their sexual experience become absolute, give her pleasure first, and when her body is highly strung with desire for him, then their release is truly orgasmic. Many men believe that their sexual prowess alone is enough to pleasure them both. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Making love or sexual intercourse is actually a concert between two people who are focused on satisfying first the need of the other to be able to reach that climax. It is not a competition neither is it dependent solely on one person. It is the mutual attraction and understanding of the physical differences of each person that will determine just how much they will enjoy the sexual experience.

If you want to feel the absolute feeling of pleasure and satisfaction in sex, then allow her to feel pleasure first. In general, women need more time to build up their stimulation as opposed to men whose desire is triggered instantly just by the sight of something desirable. Men who are sensitive to this know just exactly when her enjoyment is building up. Women do appreciate it when their partners are sensitive to their needs and because of this, they give back in return, translating into finding utter bliss and contentment as you join her as she reaches the peak again and again.

Using other ways of heightening her pleasure can also help such as female libido enhancers and tools. Make it into a game to discover what maneuver or touch gives her the most pleasure. Try out different things with her and see which one gets her turned on fast. Once she gets turned on, make sure that you are on hand to help her reach that peak with you. Give her the ultimate sexual satisfaction first, and she will definitely want to come back for more. For the experience to both be absolute, give her pleasure first, then everything else will follow for a once in a lifetime encounter that both of you will never forget.